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An Outstanding Partnership Opportunity For FarmersGuar Crop Farming In Rows

Guar Resources, LLC (“GR”) offers U.S. farmers a way to maintain nutrient-rich soil while reaping the benefits of growing guar. You can contract with GR prior to planting with our commitment to purchase your entire crop at harvest.

GR maintains a large seed base, and licenses guar seed to growers. Incorporating guar into the planting cycle can replenish and improve the soil due to its nitrogen-enhancing properties. Its drought-tolerant characteristics help to ensure profitability in ever-changing climates and drought conditions.

Guar is a boon to the farming industry because it coverts atmospheric nitrogen into plant-available nitrogen. Researchers at New Mexico State University’s Agricultural Science Center concerning the ideal growing conditions for guar crops has indicated that when employed in rotation with cotton, guar has indicated up to 15% yield increases in cotton production. It is a 120-day crop with a long tap root that flourishes in a 100 degree plus environment.

According to associate professor of sustainable crop production, Kulbhushan Grover who headed the research: “This crop… fits really well in the desert Southwest, including southern and eastern New Mexico. Based on its growing season, it also suits our current local cropping systems. It could be a good rotation crop with cotton, chile, onion or any other non-legume crops.”

Farmer In A Guar FieldWhy Should Farmers Plant, Farm And Grow Guar?

These are a few of the financial and soil management benefits from growing guar:

  • Guaranteed purchase of your entire harvest.
  • Converts atmospheric nitrogen to plant-available nitrogen – improves your soil.
  • Works well in rotation with cotton – University research has demonstrated up to 15% yield increases in cotton grown following guar.
  • Guar is a low risk and low-input crop that can help break disease cycles in your field
    Plants are extremely hardy with minimal disease and insect pressures.

We’re More Than Happy To Provide Samples Of Our Guar Powder

Seeing is believing as that old saying goes, and the powers-that-be behind Guar Resources are convinced that once the quality of guar is demonstrated, the sampler will become a life-long customer.