Guar Beans Grown And Guar Powder Made In The United States

USA Grown, USA Made And USDA Organic Certified

Since 2014, we have been totally committed to becoming the leading producer and purveyor of guar gum powder within the United States. Originally known as West Texas Guar and acquired out of bankruptcy, rebuilding the brand name was no easy endeavor. It began with a hefty investment into a new state-of-the-art processing plant and the determination to repair formerly broken relationships with local farmers. Completed in 2016, our new facility performs bean splitting and powder production.

We are committed to building a sustainable future based on environmental awareness, economic profitability, and social responsibility. In the words of Arie Genger, CEO/Chairman of Guar Resources: “Our farmers needed to be reassured that they could trust the current ownership and management, and that we have a different vision for the company. GR embraces a grower / partnership mindset. Through the success of our growers, we too are successful. We assist our farmers in maximizing guar production per acre in Texas, Oklahoma, and New Mexico.”

A Few Little Known Facts About Guar In The U.S.

  • Guar Was Introduced In South Texas In 1903.
  • This hardy, sturdy plant has amazing characteristics! With its minimal water demands, the guar bean has a great future in the dry rolling hills of Texas and southern plains of America.
  • Being a legume, guar plants release nitrogen into the soil making it more fertile and giving it an excellent place in crop rotation.
  • Guar is a rain-fed crop, sown in May-July and harvested in October-December.
Superior USDA Guar Plants