Quality Food Grade Guar Gum For Every Application

We’re a leading manufacturer of high quality food-grade guar gum powder that meets all required food-related specifications and is used for texturizing and stabilizing solutions by all types of food processing companies as well as the home-maker who cooks for a family or a commercial chef fulfilling the needs of a restaurant clientele. Our guar is 100% grown in the United States and is USDA certified organic guar.

Our USA-harvested guar beans are dehusked, milled and processed into guar gum powder and other intermediate products of various grades and specifications for the food industry –806.637.4662

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Guar Gum Powder's Many Uses In Bakery Goods

    Guar gum powder improves texture and crumb structure while simultaneously contributing to both dough yield and shelf life. It also binds ingredients in gluten-free baked products and is known to thicken batter, preventing ingredients from separating.

A Binding Agent For Meats And Sausages

  • A binder in meat sausages absorbs free water
  • Improves flow rate
  • Prevents separation and migration

A Stabilizer Within Processed Cheese

  • Acts as a stabilizer in the preparation of processed cheese
  • Improves the texture

Guar Use By Ice Cream Manufacturers

  • Improves texture, body, and melting properties in ice cream
  • Improves resistance to melting and reduces ice and lactose crystal growth during storage
  • Improves creaminess and reduces wateriness
  • Helps to maintain the viscosity of ice cream

We're More Than Happy To Provide Samples Of Our Guar Powder

Seeing is believing as that old saying goes, and the powers-that-be behind Guar Resources are convinced that once the quality of guar is demonstrated, the sampler will become a life-long customer.

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