Why Choose Guar Resources As Your Guar Supplier?

Guar Resources LLC (GR) is surely an American enterprise in a much greater and more responsible sense of the word. Inclusive in every way as far as American workers and products are concerned, our Guar gum powder is 100% natural and made from guar beans grown and milled in the United States via sustainable farming. Guar is naturally gluten free and vegan , but ours is kosher and halal certified and we are the only manufacturer of USDA certified organic guar.

We have earned the trust and confidence of our many clients because of our consistent performance as a BBB A+ rated company that is focused on product safety and customization, quality assurance, transparency, and a fully-traceable supply chain. This transparency is vital to the sophisticated modern consumer who demands such knowledge before purchasing a product.

Our clients hail from a wide range of industries including: Fortune 500 multi-national conglomerates to wholesalers, distributors, and suppliers of food, pet food, textiles, cosmetics, paper products, pharmaceuticals, fire retardants, erosion control and water treatment products as well companies within mining and oil drilling, fracking and ingredient and chemical blending industries. Whether farmer or industry executive, our goal for success is the same; namely, to make each individual enterprise prosper and to expand the market for USA guar production. Learn more about our company, discover why USA-based companies and companies the world over prefer our Guar product, or contact our team directly today!


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