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Coronavirus Guar Supply Chains-

The Effects Of Coronavirus On Guar Supply Chains

The terrible reach of the Corona Virus has not only exposed its potentially lethal embrace to vulnerable populations all over the world, it has also laid bare for all the world to see America’s precarious dependency upon foreign sources for the manufacture of essential raw materials and the dire need to …

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How to Disperse Guar Gums in Water

How to Avoid Lumping When Dispersing Guar Gums in Water

Guar gum is a a multi-faceted amalgam that has been grown in the United States since the dawn of the 20th century and primarily served as a green manure. It is an additive that forms a gel, which is used to bind foods. We are the leading manufacturer and purveyor of Kosher, Halal, Non GMO, FSSC 22000 and USDA certified organic guar gum powder within the United States …

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USA Guar Manufacturer Guar Resources

9 Reasons To Use Guar Resources As Your Guar Supplier

If you’re in the oil service business, or the food or pet food manufacturing industry, or any other type of production that uses guar in its product, product line or production process, and find yourself confronted with the challenges of sourcing 100 percent of your guar needs from foreign suppliers, read on to discover why more and more companies are switching their guar sourcing to …

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