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And Its Applications

Guar Use In Tablet Manufacturing

Guar Gum Use And Supply For Pharmaceutical Manufacturers

The production of guar gum is abundant, scientific, and chemically modifiable, the latter of which is a vitally important factor in its widespread industrial use, and in the case of pharmaceutical applications, its uses are increasingly manifold. The fact that guar gum can produce highly viscous solutions even …

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Guar Gum Powder Pet Food

Guar Gum Supply For Dog, Cat And Other Pet Food Products

The increasing understanding of the benefits guar gum presents as a natural and renewable source that is cost-effective, low in glycaemic index and a raw material that has water-soluble fiber make it a more frequently used ingredient by modern pet food manufactures and a preference of the …

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Guar In Cosmetic Products

Why Guar Is Such A Prevalent Ingredient In Cosmetic Products

There are few products in the world that can boast the versatility of usage offered by guar gum powder. This safe supplement serves as an exceptionally fine thickener and stabilizer for an array of industries. In fact, the vast majority of the world’s processed foods contain this powder …

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Guar Powder Every Kitchen Cabinet

6 Reasons Guar Powder Should Be In Every Kitchen Cabinet

Guar gum powder has earned a noble spot in the kitchen cabinets of every homeowner and commercial chef right next to salt, pepper, butter, flour and olive oil, even if as of this writing there are still many who may not be familiar with this superior food additive. Guar is indispensable in …

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Recipes Guar Gum Powder

10 Tasty Guar Gum Recipes You Can Easily Cook At Home

Within the ancient art of baking, guar gum powder has its well-earned place. In the case of gluten free baking goods particularly, it is often used as a substitute for both fat and gluten. One of the biggest challenges to a gluten-free lifestyle is creating baked goods that have the same …

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Guar In Reduced Sugar Drinks

Using Guar To Rebuild Texture In Reduced Sugar Beverages

Since the dawn of mankind, taste, texture and consistency (viscosity) have defined the preferences and appetizing qualities of certain foods, albeit ancient man had few menu selections. Modern technological innovations have spawned an impressive array of new compounds that have …

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Effective Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids

What Are The Most Effective Hydraulic Fracturing Fluids?

Oil and Gas producers have been using Hydraulic fracturing (frac) techniques to improve productivity where oil and gas reservoirs will not produce naturally.  In particular, formations with low permeabilities, tight rock or shale, are targeted. Hydraulic fracturing is the method used to …

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Why Trust USDA Organic

Why Trust USDA Over Foreign Nation Organic Decorations

What does that organic label really mean and can modern consumers trust that the words on the label are true? This uncertainty is reinforced by the fact that many products touted as organic arrive in the United States via unmonitored supply chains from far away places that can be anywhere in the world …

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Guar Stabilizer Ice Cream

How To Select Gums And Stabilizers For Organic Foods

What should product developers look for when selecting gums for organic foods? This may seem like a direct question, but the answer isn’t quite so simple, as it often entails complicated issues such as: bureaucratic red tape, the desire for less formal guidelines and the chosen manufacturing process …

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Coronavirus Guar Supply Chains-

The Effects Of Coronavirus On Guar Supply Chains

The terrible reach of the Corona Virus has not only exposed its potentially lethal embrace to vulnerable populations all over the world, it has also laid bare for all the world to see America’s precarious dependency upon foreign sources for the manufacture of essential raw materials and the dire need to …

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